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    Consulting on governanceBusiness consulting

    Consulting on governance will help to optimize all aspects of your company.

    To succeed in today’s world, all companies need to cope with increasing complexity and constant changes to improve efficiency and strengthen the interaction of all its services, to encourage the development of leadership qualities and abilities of their employees.

    Production processes and supply chains to Improve the functioning of your company and develop interaction in your supply chains – this will help to optimize your business processes and increase overall efficiency.

    Technology, Use modern technologies and actively innovate – will lay the groundwork for future growth by optimizing it infrastructure. Continue reading

    personnel records and record keepingOne of the key systems of any modern organization is the system of human resource management.

    The use of HR consulting will help to identify existing problems in the sphere of personnel management, which often are by the managers.

    HR consulting on the principles of outsourcing has a number of advantages. You save time, nerves, resources and development of the personnel management system in your company is always on top.

    We provide a full range of HR consulting services, including:

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    The system of personnel management (full functionality): building/restructuring, efficiency

    Personnel records and document management

    Audit of the system of personnel records and record keeping

    Attracting and hiring

    The system of motivation (both tangible and intangible, with reference to KPI) Continue reading