Business consulting мIn many projects business consulting is an integral part of making correct and effective decisions for the continued functioning of the business. It is a business consulting helps to select economically viable business app. Our experts help you choose the right software based on the specifics of a particular business. Because IT infrastructure is just a tool to achieve their business goals.

The main stages of business consulting :

1. Description of the existing business processes of the company.

For a full understanding of the functioning of the business conducted interviews with senior staff and managers, the study documents that are created when working, the solution of different cases using existing business processes, etc.

This conceptual model helps to formalize and optimize the structure and principles of operation. The result of this work is:

Visual model of the business processes of a company or individual units

Various reports in order to understand the real operation of the business of the client

I would like to note that this stage of the analysis of the existing situation is an important step to further implement the requirements of information systems.

2. Analysis and optimization of business processes.

Analysis of business processes is the next stage of business consulting, after their description. At this stage it is necessary to understand what processes should be reviewed and corrected (reengineering of business processes). Here identifies the problems and errors that affect the decline in business efficiency.

At this stage, the following set of services:

development and optimization of key client business processes (sales, service, marketing, etc.);

the definition of objectives, the implementation of which provides a process;

analysis of the current state of the process;

develop a target state of the process, procedures, key performance indicators process;

development of recommendations on optimization of the organizational structure;

development of requirements for automation and information-analytical support for the process;

develop descriptions of key processes and KPIs.

3. Implementation of changes.

At this stage it is necessary to introduce new, efficient business processes in the company. This formed the implementation plan, which describes the main tasks of this stage, for example, organizational tasks or training of employees, how to do business TODAY. Also under our control, Your employees interact with customers and solve problems, using new business processes.

Here we develop special instructions for employees, for further details every step of conducting business.