company's missionThe company "Consulting Group" one of the most successful companies in Russia and CIS. Implemented projects and numerous reviews prove the efficiency of our methods work in practice.

To date, the Company’s Goal: is to create an extensive network of representative offices in Russia and the CIS, where any entrepreneur will be able to get professional help professionals develop their business.

The company’s mission is to develop successful and effective business, offering Clients effective and high-quality consulting services for the development and increasing sales.

Who are our clients:

The company is focused on manufacturing, distribution organization, services, small and medium businesses.

The company has a unique opportunity to open our office in any city of Russia and the CIS and start today to earn with us.

The company “Consulting Group” engaged in “personnel Management”, “Increase sales”, “Build sales “turnkey”, “services business consulting organizations, "Conduct trainings for managers and sales managers" and more.

Working with us, You will receive a real opportunity to earn money and participate in our business projects. You will receive all the trainings programme of work with various categories of business and specific step by step instructions – what to do and how to build a successful consulting company.

Franchise offer

The entry fee of 150 000 rubles Royalty of 8% in the third month of work Other current payments No

Description of the franchise

Consulting is one of the fastest growing businesses that bring high returns in a very short time. Consulting companies help their clients to solve business problems. What exactly You will be able to offer customers – increased sales, search and selection of personnel, development of marketing policy, the establishment of sales offices, training of personnel. For this specialized consulting firms that specialize in specific business problems. The company “Consulting Group” offers You to open a training company,a consulting Agency and consulting company full cycle of services.

Option # 1 Training company

LUMP SUM PAYMENT. 150 000 rubles

You open your training company where You can work independently as a business coach, or can involve other coaches from outside. What You get from us by choosing this way of cooperation:

1. The package is copyright trainings turnkey, in a quantity of 10 pieces, fully prepared to host (leading training manual, a participant workbook, presentation training, games case studies and exercises for the participants, feedback form, video materials, sample certificate).

2. Ready business model for the launch and opening of the training company (brand book, business plan, marketing plan activity, the regulations of the company, etc.)

3. Ready business model to attract customers to the business. The model for the organization and holding of workshops and trainings.

4. Placing You as a partner on our corporate website.

5. Personal coaching to result within two months of working with You

6. The training program “Training for trainers”

7. Certificate business coach

Option # 2 Consulting Agency

Lump sum payment: 300 000

You open up a consulting company that specializes in increasing sales in the wholesale and retail business. What You get from us, choosing this option is the collaboration:

1. Finished working model for the launch and opening of the consulting Agency (brand book, business plan, marketing plan activity, the regulations of the company, etc.)

2. All the benefits included in package 1, including a package copyright trainings “turnkey”.

3. Two working folder consultant (wholesale + retail), including working templates of ALL NECESSARY documents, scripts, contracts, manuals, etc., Only 75 documents.

4. Exclusive territory (when the city’s population to 500 thousand people)

5. The instructions for finding and attracting clients to your business. You will receive more than 50 low-budget ways and resources to attract customers, who will use in their work.

6. You will learn the technique of “building sales “turnkey” for 60days.

7. You will learn the technique of “5 steps to a successful store”

8. You will learn how to conduct master classes and workshops at the highest level

9. Working in our team, You are guaranteed a personal and professional growth. You will learn new techniques of communicating with people, the technique of complex negotiations, public speaking skills, and more

10. We guarantee that completing all of our instructions You will receive your first consulting your order within the first months of our work together

Option # 3 VIP


Includes all the benefits of the second package, You also get:

1. Design and create your own website Partner

2. Promoting on-site presence Yandex and Google

3. The creation of the sales Department in sales of consulting services in Your area with our help – staff recruitment, training and start in”field”

4.You get a fully automated business “turnkey”, which will bring you a steady income.

5. You receive two additional working folders consultant “STAFF” “MARKETING”.

6. Service mailings. We don’t just provide you service for mailings, we teach you how to do a mailing to bring you profit.

7. Exclusive to the host city.

8. We accompany Your first consulting projects.

Training and support

And the most important thing. You are in our COACHING! We take you by the hand and lead up to the first sales training or consulting. We train you personally. We monitor your results. In this approach, success will be inevitable!

The advantage of the franchise Consulting Group


The demand for the services of a business consultant is and always will be. Obviously, regardless of internal and external political and economic factors in any category of business will need to address issues with sales and business growth. Consulting on increasing sales, personnel consulting, attracting new customers to the business and retention of existing relevant at all times.


The payback period of two to four months. The ability to start without the initial investment for the office and salary workers.


Your income is not limited, and is fully the total amount of the contract net of tax of 6%. The number of potential customers is huge, if You are on a high income, it is in this business you can get them without restrictions. From us you will receive all the necessary instructions that you simply need to take and do.


This is the only franchise to open a training and consulting company in Russia and CIS.


We are working on the market of business services and training for over 5 years and know all about it. We have a number of theoretical and practical developments that have been successfully used in practice, our clients and partners.


Individual (not a group!) training, mentoring and support at all stages of business processes makes our partners to act and bring the result.


Ready instructions for the different categories of business. This production, distributors, retail, services and horeca.


The real result of more than 150 thousand rubles net profit per month, 2-3 months of our work together

Why we sell a franchise?

We have been offering training and consulting for over 5 years, over the years we have gained real practical experience, and also have a number of designs and techniques for solving the most complex problems in business. We want to share our experience and knowledge with other entrepreneurs.

At the moment we have developed an extensive partner network of our offices in Russia and CIS countries.

The goal of our organization to evolve throughout the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, with the help of our representative offices in different cities, we help to develop business and earn additional income to the owners of various businesses.

We offer a real opportunity to make good money for our partners.

Using our instructions and the business model, the franchisee can earn very good money. Projects worth 300 000 – 500 000 – 1 000 000 and above is the reality on the consulting market. And we know how and where to get them. If You are thinking about creating your own business, then the company Consultung Group is the best version to date!

Unlike standard franchise that gives your partner a chance to earn only on the margin in the product, the revenue for our franchise is the entire amount of the transaction. An example of earnings according to the standard deductible (for instance, a retail store): Purchase of goods for 1 million rubles, let’s say the average mark of 50%, Sales ideally with 1 500 000$, but neither one franchise You will not sell a product under a “0” for the first month or two, anyway commodity balance some will remain hanging a dead weight. Minus the salary of a staff of about 50 000$, minus rent – 40 000 RUB, utility minus, minus taxes, minus the costs of marketing and client attraction, shop equipment, software, minus royalties and other expenses. As a result, in the best case You will go to zero. In the first year closed bolee% of businesses started in the field of trade due to the lack of sales and higher costs.

An example of earning the franchise Consulting Group:

You by our method You