CONCOL company CONCOL company OK azway professional services in the areas of business consulting. We rent bright and efficient optimization solutions and business development, conduct market research to identify the most effective ways to increase profits, provide services for the preparation of business plans in various fields of business.

Applying a consulting company gives an opportunity to obtain an independent view of the business to identify problems and weaknesses and to identify possible ways out of this situation. With our consulting company does not provide ready-made solutions. All our solutions are unique, whether it is business optimization. market analysis, development of business plans. reengineering of business processes or the introduction of KPI. Each of our projects by business consulting aims to develop solutions suitable for Your company with all its peculiarities development opportunities prevailing culture and politics.

Often, many wonder why we do not offer ready solutions for business optimization. which is already there in similar companies, we always answer with the same – most likely, this decision will not be able to fit in Your company, and consulting services do not imply the thoughtless and the widespread introduction of “foreign” business models.

Our consulting company does not sell ready business plans and marketing research. since, in our opinion, are two different companies can not operate the same scenario and remain effective. Every marketing research and business plan development are performed with a specific purpose, depending on which is changing the nature and direction of the project. In contrast to most other consulting firms, we do not impose our Clients unnecessary steps in the marketing research or extra activities in the field of business optimization.

CONCOL company does not promote the services and development of other companies, if it considers that they do not meet the requirements of our Clients. From our point of view, to provide consulting services’t mean to skillfully talk about the experience of other companies, to impose popular ready-made solutions or “push” expensive automation systems business.

We strive to set the prices reasonable and acceptable to You. Perhaps we are the only consulting company that practices a very flexible approach to pricing. We do not hide our prices and methods, we believe that this approach is outdated and leads only to additional restrictions for our Customers, as well as temporary and unnecessary financial costs.