consulting work with manufacturersConsulting – consulting work with manufacturers, retailers, consumers on a wide range of issues in the field of technological, technical and expert activities.

The purpose of consulting is to help the management in achieving the goals .

Consulting company specialized in certain areas of activity (e.g. financial, operational, strategic).

The main objective of the consultancy is to analyze, study of the prospects of development and use of scientific-technical and organizational-economic innovations with regard to the subject area and customer problems.

In other words, the consulting is any assistance provided by external consultants to solve a particular problem.

Consulting services business

Situations in which You need assistance in business organization, which provides business consulting:

The market situation has changed and you need to immediately respond to these changes.

You want to pass control of the hired Manager and fear for the survival of the offspring.

Your business has grown and lost control.

You feel a dependence on key personnel.

Your decisions are not enforced with alarming regularity.

The company had grown so much that You don’t always know who is responsible for what.

You are surrounded by well-tested "circuit", but to ask still no one.

You want to open branches in other cities and need the remote control system.

You want to implement change quickly and without prejudice to ongoing activities.

You want to start a new business, and You want to check if Your idea of realism.

You want to implement other projects, but this business cannot be left unattended.

You just want less time to devote to this business, but you don’t lose it.

The proposal of the Ledger "Ruskonsalt"

Business development requires owners of assessing business performance, improve quality control. planning. monitoring, control, financial efficiency.

Development and realization of strategy of development of business, buy business, sell business on favorable terms, business restructuring – all this requires serious management analysis.

Business planirovanie necessary not only for investment but also for the implementation of the development strategy. The strategy is not viable, if your organization has a low operating efficiency. Optimization of business processes. organizational structure, internal communications requires the adoption of a quality management decisions that will help you to take consulting services following his passion for this type of activity of the organization.

Our main specialization is competent management consulting !

Increasing effektivnosti the activities of the organization

Towards the development of the business will inevitably encounter obstacles – some of them familiar, easy to overcome, while others can cause trouble…

The reasons for a particular situation is not always obvious, and often, in order to identify them with the necessary assistance of qualified professionals. It is in these moments contacting business consulting center would be most appropriate!

Improving the efficiency of the organization is not just the reduction of its cost, and the use of existing capacity in full force.

Here are some of the possible ways to improve efficiency:

the transition from pay "during" payment "result";

transfer of non-core functions are outsourced;

optimization of the organizational structure and business processes;

freedom from losses in the operational management.

Why us?

Advantages of our company is rich experience and vast knowledge, as well as the high quality and availability of services.

We work in the field of consulting services for more than 17 years of age, and all the while making excellent progress.

We offer You honest advice and assistance in organization of business for reasonable money.

We select a unique solution tailored to Your situation and are replicating not well promoted, fashionable tools.

We offer just the right solution for You, not trying to include in the contract "related" services.

We act on reason and not on the investigation, realizing that it is always more time consuming and less profitable.

We do "piece" work, not trying to unify the same method for solving problems of different origin.