615Customer development is a scientific approach to the creation of new companies, products and services.

The Creator and author of the methodology – Steve Blank .

In my interpretation, customer development means the methodological approach to the creation and development of new project/start-up/business/company, which is based on several fundamental principles:

In the center of it all is the customer with their problems and pains, which have to find

All the ideas of the leader or the founder of a project or business is not primarily tested hallucinations and hypotheses that need to be articulate confirm or deny

Development is iterative and starts with the search and confirmation of the client, and then continues his involvement and creation/development/scale company

“In the office no facts” this means that to check out anything you can only go beyond the office literally or figuratively

Understanding of human psychology, the identification of patterns of behavior and finding insights are vital elements to the success of any project and business.

I am an expert in the application of this methodology . the main tools which are problematic and resentence interview.

If you feel the uncertainty in establishing a new project or the development of existing businesses, as well as the need of testing hypotheses about who is your customer, whether he or that need or problem, he solves it now and will do in the future to use your suggestion, I am ready to help you with this.