How to start a business in consulting? Many experts previously successfully worked «uncle» now think about how to start your own business in consulting.

This is the provision of professional services to help business development. Many believe that consulting is just providing professional advice for a fee. This is partly true, but you are much mistaken if you will look at this craft too superficially.

Just sit back and give advice, even if you understand some issues, not often. Significantly more people coming to you for help, you will wish you are not of the Council, and more specific solutions to their problems. Therefore, the work of a business consultant is not only in the development of these solutions, but also in their support to the gain.

If you are reading this article, then chances are you already an expert in certain matters and believe that your experience and knowledge are valuable to the business customer. How to start a business in the field of business consulting?(Alex, business to business consulting does not hurt?). The easiest way to start is volumetric, time-consuming, but interesting and well-paid business, to becoming a business consultant. Then it would be something like a micro-business, where you will be at the same time as a company and as an employee. I recommend you to work in this format, until you feel the demand for your services in excess of your ability. In this case, it is possible to hire staff and expand its sphere of activity.

Of course, if you have sufficient experience and knowledge of your profile, you know how organized processes in business consulting, you can put everything in a big way. But I would recomend to approach this issue more responsibly and initially more deeply understand themselves and their real capabilities. Practicing in our school consulting, you will be able to understand what you really professional. You will be able to understand what tasks you like to decide what don’t like, and what you do to solve it best.

In our school, cloud consulting, we take only those people who already have successful experience of independent work. We have specialists in the field of sales, marketing, office associated with business development, as for example, commercial Director, head of sales, PR-managers, etc., All of these people, productive leaders inside(there is not clear. Someone else’s business or her business and decided to go work for a salary, the activities for themselves.

Of course, it’s the right decision, because, for example, full-time business coach working for one company, 20 days paid the same as working for yourself it can get in one day.( Alex you dictated the numbers 60 000, but I understood that they are exemplary therefore wrote a generalizing of Course, but benefits there are also risks associated with attracting customers. You have to create around himself a reputation and trust. That is, you will need to do marketing, PR and sales, where the main product will be yourself.

In school cloud consulting we teach exactly how to profitably sell your knowledge, but to become our student, you must already be a specialist. We do not help them to acquire skills in the direction in which you want to offer business advice. For example, if you want to train to increase sales, but you never actually sold anything, that is not your school. So you have only three ways. In the first variant, you may find yourself in another consulting, in the second you can continue to work within someone else’s business. The third option you can organize your business. If you are a former or active entrepreneur, you have achieved certain results, whole kitchen from the inside, it is quite possible to implement.

If you think you can make your own, make up your mind on this, but take my advice. Start with sales of small projects, not throwing. It is necessary to obtain primary skills to attract customers and promote their product. You also need to acquire the skills of implementation and realization of their projects in real working conditions of the enterprise. Work on weekends and in the evenings, start a blog, write in social media, coordinate it with the boss.

You can have a professional blog where you can tell about your achievements in the current company. Your guide will be able to appreciate it because indirectly you will be actively promoting their company. Ask to speak at conferences and exhibitions on behalf of the company and after that your labor cost may go up. Of course, this will only happen if in addition to PR, this value will be confirmed by actual achievements. But overall, your value will increase and you can feel free to request a salary increase or a new position.

In addition, in the blog write what services you offer, actively among his friends for token money, develop and implement any project. It is quite possible to do in their spare time. When you have quite a serious client that can provide, if not great, at least not significantly less income, you can leave work. Productive work accomplished, will attract to you and other customers and you will increase your income in two times more than it has earned previously.

This advice is to treat those who work for wages, and for those who is an entrepreneur firstly, try to do it as a hobby. Understand whether this activity you because consulting is sufficiently serious mental work. Like any other business, this craft will require constant development. This work is directly connected with people and to be successful in this field have to be humane. Often in addition to knowledge in their subject of activity have to solve a complex human situation. Any, the most virtuosic of solving problems in the company do not work only because of the people.

Accordingly, your main challenge will be not just to give advice, as many think, but to make sure that people can benefit from this advice. It must be able to convince them, to encourage, to guide, to sell their ideas. Therefore, a good consultant should be a good seller. Also you can suggest to team up with a partner wishing to start business consulting. However as you know is much easier, so do not give up on this option.